The Finchfellas

We're never satisfied. For us “good enough” just isn’t good enough and we’re building a tool for people like us – for professionals who go all-in on every single project, for those who care about the work they deliver.

It’s the final stage of the project. The deadline was last week and the website is almost done, but you’re still going nuts over small design bugs. 
Sometimes it’s only one single pixel that doesn’t let you sleep at night, but you feel uncomfortable sending a request for the developer to move that one pixel for the third time.

We’ve been there and done that a few too many times. Our team of three met in a full–service digital agency. The other night we were once again tweaking a website’s design, when we suddenly realized, that this process could be more efficient if the designer could do all those changes by himself instead of taking tons of screenshots and sending them over to developers. That was the night when Finch was born, with the first prototype developed in a couple days time.

Just the idea of building a tool for fellow professionals got us really excited. We sat down and defined main guidelines for the product:

• Finch works on top of any website, no matter how it’s built.
• No setup process. Enter the URL address and you’re ready to go.
• Finch doesn’t break the current workflow, instead enhancing it.

In the summer of 2016 we launched Finch editor as a web application. We quickly realised that we’ve failed – Finch was slow and it often couldn’t load fonts, images or even the website itself. We learned a ton in the process though and rebuilt the product from ground zero.

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