Finch Mac app

With Finch Mac application you can tweak and edit any website’s design just like you would do it in Photoshop or Sketch, but the canvas in Finch is the actual website. You can alter page and see the effect directly on the website in real–time, on any device.

  • Real–time editing

    All changes you make are applied in real–time. Open version’s URL on any device and preview the changes without even refreshing the page.

  • View and export changes as code

    Fire up Code console to view and export your changes as code. Finch alters the CSS properties and units that are defined in your stylesheet.

  • Responsive mode

    Getting your text to look good across all screen widths is hard. Finch media query editor allows you to inspect and control element’s style across different breakpoints.

  • Pixel–precise tools

    We know that every pixel counts. 
That’s why we crafted pixel–precise measure tools and margin/padding controllers.

  • Comments

    Let your teammates or client leave feedback directly on the website.

  • History view

    Keep the track of all changes made in one place, preview what has been changed.

  • Element Styles

    Use Styles to keep things consistent across the website. Import Styles from Sketch.

  • Google fonts

    Explore different font combinations with all Google Fonts at your fingertips

“Whoa, awesome! It’s like an inspector on steroids!”
Nick Noble

Finch Chrome DevTools extension

Chrome DevTools are great when you want to dig into code, but 
there’s no easy way to save and share the applied changes.
Finch extension takes care of that.

  • Save changes from DevTools Styles
  • Manage changes in a seperate DevTools tab
  • Export changes to a local file
  • Sync and edit Finch projects
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Wordpress plugin

Access all your site’s versions and set them live instantly from the Wordpress Dashboard. 
Meanwhile, the actual editing is done within Finch Mac app or Chrome DevTools.

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Sketch plugin

Import Layer Styles and Document Colors from your Sketch file and apply them to any website’s element right away. Make those Styles responsive with Finch media query editor.

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Become a Founding Member of Finch

We’ve built Finch with fellow–designers in mind and are currently searching for our Founding Members – creative professionals who are willing to help steer our product in the right direction.

We’re launching a limited time offer of 60% off on Finch’s Beta version, where you can access all Finch products and features like a true VIP, plus get exclusive access to product roadmap, which you will be able to influence. Become a Founding Member and help us help you save more time in the future.

Your license will be activated only when we’ll launch Finch V1.0. Until then enjoy Finch for free without any restrictions.

Limited Founding Member offer



  • Instant Finch Beta access
  • Unlimited projects and versions
  • Access to product roadmap
  • Free updates for 1 year
  • A special place in our hearts
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Who is behind this idea? Why should I trust them?

Finch is proudly brought to you by Finchfellas. Our team of three met in a full–service digital agency where we wasted way too much time on design bug fixing.

Isn't that expensive?

Nope. It’s cheaper than what you usually spend on recuperating after wearing yourself out on those last–minute edits.

What am I paying for?

You get a Finch license with one year of free updates. Your license will be activated only when we’ll launch Finch V1.0. Please note that the pricing model might change with the public launch. If that’s the case then there will be a special offer for founding members.

Can I invite my teammates to my account?

Yes! While we’re still in Beta stage you can add unlimited collaborators to your account. Be aware that this might change when we’ll launch Finch V1.0. We’ll inform you beforhand, of course.

Which OS supports Finch?

Finch Web app and Chrome extension are available on all operating systems. Finch Editor is currently available only on Mac OS.

Is there any documentation available?

Yes, we have the Finch Help Center with some core feature descriptions, but some of our latter feature descriptions are still in progress.

Can I get a refund if I don’t like the product?

If you’re not impressed by the Finch Beta version, you can ask for a refund up to 14 days after the purchase. Just email us and we’ll refund every penny immediately.

When will you launch Finch to the public?

We plan to launch Finch V1.0 at the end of summer 2017. Before that we want to launch several exciting features like Sass support, image and background editing etc.

Still have questions?

Contact us at and we'll get back to you.