Control every aspect of your design with Finch desktop app

With Finch desktop app you can Tweak designs and push pixels on any live website

Finch ⚡️ Sketch

Import layer styles and colours from your Sketch file and apply them to any element on the website right away.

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Boost your Chrome Inspector workflow with Finch extension

Chrome Inspector is a great tool to fine-tune web designs, but it’s too easy to lose your progress and hard to share your result.

  • Save changes from DevTools Styles
  • Manage changes in a separate DevTools tab
  • Export changes to a local file
  • Sync and edit Finch projects and versions
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Share and collaborate with other humans

Too often we get lost in emails, screenshots and Slack messages just to refine a button’s hover state.
Finch keeps everything in one place.

  • Quickly share your ideas with a link
  • Leave comments directly on the website
  • Present changes in real time
  • Keep the track of all changes made in one place
  • Manage projects in Finch web app

Go live

Your perfectly edited details are translated directly into original website's code, meaning designers won't be pulling their hair out in frustration when the programmer gets it wrong.

  • View and export your changes as code
  • Don’t lose your original CSS values
  • Sass support
  • Push your version live with a single click

Building on Wordpress?

Get Finch Wordpress plugin to access all your site’s versions and set them live instantly from the Wordpress Dashboard.

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Feature by feature

  • Google fonts
  • Presentation mode
  • SASS support
  • Comments
  • Live share
  • Custom User agent
  • Web app
  • Background images
  • Media query editor
  • Code console
  • Gradients
  • Element and text styles
  • Hover states
  • CSS export
  • Measure tools
  • Margin and padding controls
  • Window mirroring
  • Smart selector
  • Collaborator accounts soon
  • Email Notifications soon
  • Integrations soon
  • Content editing soon

Who uses Finch?

  • “Finch makes it so easy to change little things that would usually take a lot of work. It's worth the money as it saves a lot of time.” Jannis Betschki, freelancer
  • “Giving detailed design feedback during development is a huge pain. Looks like Finch found a proper solution!” Steffen Bewersdorff, Founder of Bleech