Save style changes from DevTools inspector

Chrome DevTools are great when you want to dig into website's CSS code, but 
there’s no easy way to save the changes you make. Finch extension takes care of that.

Finch Developer Tools

When enabled, Finch will automatically save all changes you make in Chrome DevTools Styles locally on your computer. You can refresh the page or even close the tab – the changes will be saved and applied next time you visit the page.

  • Save changes from DevTools Styles
  • Manage changes in a seperate DevTools tab
  • Export changes to a local file
  • Sync and edit Finch projects
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“I've needed this forever! Thank you, thank you!”
Dinko Grip, random Super Mario on the Internet

Save time and hassle on fixing web design bugs

Any website's design tweaks made in the final stages of a project can be painfully exhausting - just changing the fonts, colours, margins, and other details that make your website unique can turn into a major headache.

With Finch, you can now tweak designs and push pixels on any live website. Forget about countless screenshots and back and forth emails between designers and developers – ship polished designs and fix visual bugs at twice the speed.

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