We are Finch.

And we won't stop until each pixel is in its place.


“We are never satisfied. Finch is made for people like us – professionals who agree that “good enough” just isn’t good enough.”

The Birth of Finch

It was a busy night at the office where all three Finch founders were working. The deadline for our project had passed the week before and the website was almost done, but we were still going nuts over small design bugs. We were chasing the pixels one by one, meticulously tweaking the website’s design. Despite it being late, we were not ready to stop at “Good enough.”

Newton had his apple and we had our revelation on that grueling night:

“Fixing design bugs would be more efficient if designers could make changes by themselves (instead of taking tons of screenshots and sending them over to developers).”

So, Finch was born, with the first prototype developed in a couple of days. In the summer of 2016 we launched the Finch editor as a web application. From that moment on we have raised a rowdy teenager who evolves, fails, learns and spitefully sticks to what he believes to be true:


  • Sweat only over important stuff

    Something as small as a pixel shouldn’t stand in your way.

  • No excuses

    A service isn’t perfect unless it works on top of any website, no matter how it’s built.

  • Blend in

    Any new tool should make your life easier instead of complicating it. Enhance the current workflow, don’t break it.