Make visual changes to any website. Immediately.

Fine-tuning a website's visual appearance to prove that small changes make a big difference

Why teams love Finch?

  • “I’ve used Finch in complex multi-language sites to give precise feedback to my front-end guys. To me as a designer it is a bit of a revolution!” Fredrik Annel, Design Director at Acne

Pixel pushing made easy.

Don't waste time describing small changes you want to see - make them yourself in the Finch desktop app or use the Chrome Extension. Just enter the site's url and go nuts.

  • Change typography, font size, colour, spacing, position and more
  • Create and control responsive designs with the Media editor
  • Test it all out in real-time on any device

Collaborate with other humans to get stuff done faster.

Show your collaborators what you want - save your breath and share your visual version to get your ideas across faster.

  • Get a link to your version and share it, privately or publicly
  • Track changes to monitor progress and discuss design adjustments
  • Unlimited iterations - explore and iterate versions until you're happy with the result

Go live with your tweaked version.

Your perfectly edited details are translated directly into original website's code, meaning designers won't be pulling their hair out in frustration when the programmer gets it wrong.

  • Platform independent – add our code snippet to any website
  • Go live with any version directly from Finch
  • Export CSS changes

Why Finch is the bird's word?

  • Eliminate unnecessary discussions

    Kick the back-and-forth convos describing the tiny changes you want to see in your website to the curb.

  • Design always matches the result

    Get 99.98% accuracy for your website implementation, nothing is lost in translation.

  • Never lose your progress

    Just like Google Docs, your progress is automatically saved to our cloud system.

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Who uses Finch?

  • “Finch makes it so easy to change little things that would usually take a lot of work. It's worth the money as it saves a lot of time.” Jannis Betschki, freelancer